Ignite Insurance Systems: April 2019 - Present


I current work at Ignite Systems as a Senior Software Engineer.

Microsoft Research: May 2016 - September 2016

I worked in the neXus Rich Media sub-group in the summer of 2016 with Kori Inkpen, Gina Venolia and John Tang. We conducted research into live streaming applications experimenting with event-wide live streaming scenarios and methods to coordinate live streamers pre- and during the event. We also investigated a means to facilitate chat message communication at scale with feedback to a single or multiple streamers.

Open Lab: June 2015 - September 2015

I worked as a Research Associate position at Open Lab formerly the Culture Lab for 4 months. During the final year of my Computing Science degree I worked with the Culture Lab on my dissertation project, Expressive Touch and I continued my work on the project since joining the lab.

I was also involved in several of the projects in the lab such as Bootlegger and Change Explorer.


As part of my Computing Science degree I spent a year in industry at Waterstons. The first 3 months of my placement was in a department called Managed Services and the rest of it was in Software Development.

Acquired skills included:

  • Interpersonal skills from client and pre-sales meetings.

  • Software Development practices e.g. Modular Design Guide & Repository Design Pattern.

  • Great experience in documentation and pre-sales document writing.

  • Humbling experiences that showed me that there is so much to learn.



  • Focussed on the emergence of Object-based Broadcasting experiences, moving away from media as a linear, pre-packaged medium towards more responsive and immersive experiences.

  • Fusion of vision, wearable and embedded sensors in production and consumption environments to generate inferences and provide adequate labelling to media with AI.

  • Using wrist-worn sensing to investigate gestural control to complement these immersive
    consumption experiences.

  • Open Lab – highest ranked lab in Human Computer Interaction outside of the US.

  • TVX ’16 PhD Best Paper Award and CHI ’18 Honourable Mention Award.


During my Computing Science degree at Newcastle University I worked with considerable commitment throughout resulting in an average marks of 94.2%, 89.2% & 86.1% at each stage.

I won 4 awards for my performance during my degree. One of which was presented to me by the British Computer Society.

As part of my final year I worked on a project with Newcastle University Culture Lab now Open Lab, which is one of the top Human-Computer Interaction labs in the world. The project involved working with wearable inertial measurement units to augment the touch interaction on smartphones and tablets.