Microsoft Research: May 2016 - September 2016

I worked in the neXus Rich Media sub-group in the summer of 2016 with Kori Inkpen, Gina Venolia and John Tang. We conducted research into live streaming applications experimenting with event-wide live streaming scenarios and methods to coordinate live streamers pre- and during the event. We also investigated a means to facilitate chat message communication at scale with feedback to a single or multiple streamers.

Open Lab: June 2015 - September 2015

I worked as a Research Associate position at Open Lab formerly the Culture Lab for 4 months. During the final year of my Computing Science degree I worked with the Culture Lab on my dissertation project, Expressive Touch and I continued my work on the project since joining the lab.

I was also involved in several of the projects in the lab such as Bootlegger and Change Explorer.


As part of my Computing Science degree I spent a year in industry at Waterstons. The first 3 months of my placement was in a department called Managed Services and the rest of it was in Software Development.

Acquired skills included:

  • Interpersonal skills from client and pre-sales meetings.
  • Software Development practices e.g. Modular Design Guide & Repository Design Pattern.
  • Great experience in documentation and pre-sales document writing.
  • Humbling experiences that showed me that there is so much to learn.



This PhD investigates the application of the Internet of Things to inform the production and consumption of media. The focus of this project is to use this data to enable Object-based Media (OBM) which requires a scene to be described in meta-data to re-configure media based upon the device being used for playback.

In a production scenario, we investigate labelling of actions performed by a subject using sensors within a connected environment.This can be used to inform the re-configuration of media for playback on a range of different ‘objects’. Further to this we will investigate how we can create new immersive media consumption experiences using OBM, utilizing the sensors within a connected environment to utilize action data to perform for example step detection, intelligent playback and quality detection/training.


During my Computing Science degree at Newcastle University I worked with considerable commitment throughout resulting in an average marks of 94.2%, 89.2% & 86.1% at each stage.

I won 4 awards for my performance during my degree. One of which was presented to me by the British Computer Society.

As part of my final year I worked on a project with Newcastle University Culture Lab now Open Lab, which is one of the top Human-Computer Interaction labs in the world. The project involved working with wearable inertial measurement units to augment the touch interaction on smartphones and tablets.